What about the rig?

So the million dollar question. What kinda truck am I gonna buy? Well, if anyone knows me well, they already know. I’m looking at a Peterbilt 379 of course. Not a specific one yet, but that’s the model I want.

It’s a classic. Looks great going down the road. Nothing better than it. I’ve narrowed it down to about three of them, and I am shopping in the $70,000 range so I have some choices. The three I am looking at are all located within 400 miles of me, so it’s not too bad if I decide to purchase one. I should be able to pick up whichever one I buy over the course of the weekend.

Either way, I’m getting antsy. And I want to make sure I have a truck ready to go as soon as I get my authority.

Here’s a pic of a 379 in case you didn’t know. (Not one of the one’s I’m looking at, just a photo from the internet).



Peterbilt 379 I found on the web. God they are good looking rigs!!!



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