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Got my truck!

Well, I know I said I was going to update this again sooner, but I was busy. Got my new truck I was able to get it this morning. So I’ve been busy getting it ready. First things first, I had to get my stuff all moved in.

I’ve been moving everything into the truck and it’s been great so far. I’m just very excited to get started and I hope my authority comes in soon. I got the factoring all situated as you saw my last blog post, so that is all set. After that I should be ready to go. I’m going to sign up for the load boards and start calling some Brokers to hopefully get setup ahead of time.

Other than that, it’s all going good. I’m all set up financially now. Almost good to do.

Someone emailed me and asked a question, Which loadboard am I going to use?

Well, the answer is DAT. I like their interface the best, and most brokers are on the major load boards so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. If I think it’s worth it in the future, I may truck truckstop or 123 loadboard. But hopefully I won’t have to. The goal is to get my own customers or build a solid relationship with some brokers.

I’m off to work on moving into the truck for now! Check back tomorrow!


What about the rig?

So the million dollar question. What kinda truck am I gonna buy? Well, if anyone knows me well, they already know. I’m looking at a Peterbilt 379 of course. Not a specific one yet, but that’s the model I want.

It’s a classic. Looks great going down the road. Nothing better than it. I’ve narrowed it down to about three of them, and I am shopping in the $70,000 range so I have some choices. The three I am looking at are all located within 400 miles of me, so it’s not too bad if I decide to purchase one. I should be able to pick up whichever one I buy over the course of the weekend.

Either way, I’m getting antsy. And I want to make sure I have a truck ready to go as soon as I get my authority.

Here’s a pic of a 379 in case you didn’t know. (Not one of the one’s I’m looking at, just a photo from the internet).



Peterbilt 379 I found on the web. God they are good looking rigs!!!