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Why did I choose reefer trucking?

Why did I choose reefer trucking?

So I had someone ask me at a truck stop once, why reefer? Well I’m sure that some of your guys are wondering too.

Well the best part of hauling refrigerated is the money. It’s the highest paying trucking out of the three big ones. Those three big ones are Dry van, flatbed, and Reefer of course. The runs are usually shorter too, which is what I like. Something different every few days is a nice adventure.

I’ve found that the refrigerated freight shippers are also a bit nicer than dry van. Flatbed shippers are the all time best though. They understand the process of tarping and what you have to go through as a flatbed driver.

Speaking of shippers, if you’ve got a load of produce on your truck, they will unload you quick. Forget about it with dry van. They may make you site all day if you are a few minutes late for your appointment. Not the case when you have a truckload of bananas that will go bad.

The downfall though, is the cost of getting up and running. Since I’m going owner operator (in the process), I’ve got to buy my own trailer in addition to my truck. And reefer trailers are not cheap. The one’s I’m looking at are around $35,000-$40,000. Forget about a new one, those are almost $50k!reefer

Insurance also costs more because the freight is more prone to damage (i.e. spoilage). I also have to factor in the extra cost of reefer fuel, though that isn’t a huge difference. But what is different, is the maintenance of the actual reefer unit itself. You’ve really gotta take care of it, because if it goes bad while you’ve got a load your hauling, it can mean disaster. That’s what insurance is for, but you’ve gotta factor that you will probably lose that customer. If it’s a broker they may not ever offer your any freight again.

Thanks for reading a little bit about my reefer trucking insight!